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Great news on upcoming road projects for Ward 4


I hope you're enjoying this beautiful winter weather! It's nice to see the snow stick around for awhile, though I'm glad we aren't constantly getting hit with more. On a related note, if you or someone you know needs help with snow clearing, please see the section on Snow Match below.

In Council news, we've had some light agendas recently, but I do have a few items of interest to share.

Fixing the Damn Roads

Last year, Council approved an idea that I floated during my campaign to issue bonds to generate additional funding for road repairs. This week, staff launched an interactive database tracking projects to be funded by that action as well as all road projects slated for the next few years. I’m pleased to share the following great news for Ward 4:

Road bond funded projects

  • Winsted Blvd Resurfacing Project in 2023

  • Suffolk and Norfolk Resurfacing Project in 2023

  • Northbrook Drive: Resurfacing project in 2024

  • Tudor Drive Resurfacing Project in 2023

  • Glastonbury Rd (north of Runnymede) Resurfacing Project in 2023

  • Sanford Pl Resurfacing Project in 2023

  • Belmar Pl Resurfacing Project in 2023

  • Keech and Potter (Edgewood to Main) Resurfacing Project in 2023

  • Page Ave Resurfacing Project in 2024

Other projects

  • Scio Church Reconstruction Project in 2023

  • Greenview Drive Resurfacing & Utility Project in 2024

  • South Blvd Area Resurfacing & Utility Project in 2024

  • Edgewood Ave and Snyder Ave Area Utility Project in 2025

  • Glastonbury Rd and Weldon Blvd (west of Waverly) Resurfacing & Utility Project in 2025

  • Pauline Blvd Resurfacing & Utility Project (Seventh to Main) in 2025

  • Mershon Drive & Glen Leven (west of Greenview) Resurfacing & Utility Project in 2027

Capitalizing on our new Democratic majority

As chair of the Council’s Policy Agenda Committee, I was extra delighted when Democrats won the trifecta in November, taking back control of the state House and Senate as well as retaining the governorship. The Policy Agenda Committee works with city staff and the city’s lobbyist to pursue policy changes at the state level that are necessary for us to achieve policy goals here in Ann Arbor. This monumental shift means we can finally pursue many changes in state law that have been out of reach for decades.

We worked with city staff to produce a new Policy Agenda document, which we delivered to our representatives in Lansing and which serves as a guide for our lobbyist’s work. Some examples include:

  • Repealing the “Death Star” law that prevents us from adopting local labor laws like a minimum wage

  • Passing “Polluter pays” legislation

  • Letting local governments set safer speed limits

  • Codifying LGBTQ rights in the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act

  • Legalizing community solar and Community Choice Aggregation

Many of these bills have already been introduced, while others will take some time. But it's a good time to be a Democratic city in Michigan!

New A2 Snow Match program seeking volunteers

The city launched a pilot program in January called Snow Match, which pairs residents with nearby neighbors who volunteer to assist with sidewalk snow removal. Recipients of the volunteer services can be individuals with disabilities or seniors (55+) who do not have resources (financial or family/friends nearby) for snow removal. If you need help, or if you’d like to volunteer, get more information on the city website.

Coffee Hour: Feb 26

All are invited to my next constituent coffee hour, on Sunday, Feb 26 at 2 p.m. at York Food and Drink. York is located in Ward 4 at 1928 Packard St. Hope to see you there!

More Council resources

It's an honor to serve our city on Council. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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