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Endorsements & Recommendations



"It is time for a change on City Council. Jen Eyer has my vote because I trust her responsiveness to represent the Fourth Ward with integrity and honesty."  - Liz Nowland-Margolis, Executive Director of AAPS Student & School Safety and Ward 4 resident


“Jen Eyer combines the best of 'ear-to-the-ground' understanding of her community as neighbor, activist and mom; with experience in public policy making and shaping to deliver results for Ann Arbor residents.” - John Austin, former President of Michigan's State Board of Education and Ann Arbor resident


“From my years of public service, I know that Jen has that rare combination of integrity and work ethic that makes her a leader you can trust to get things done.” - Rick Wiener, former Chief of Staff to Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and former Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party


"As a former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, I’ve worked with Jen Eyer, and she is a strong Democrat and effective leader who shares our progressive values." - Lon Johnson, former Chair of the MDP


“Jen Eyer will be an outstanding member on our City Council.  Jen’s commitment to Ann Arbor has been demonstrated throughout the many years I have known her. She is a great asset to our community, with a focus on serving families and neighborhoods.” - Stephanie Comai, former director, Michigan Talent Investment Agency and Ward 4 resident


"In August of 2009, we were desperate to find someone who could help us figure out why Chase Bank had sent us to foreclosure illegally. I called around to Detroit and Ann Arbor newspapers and found Jen at the Ann Arbor News. She came to meet us and dug through our 6-inch high stack of documentation and went to bat for us. She contacted Freddie Mac, the Dept of Treasury, Chase Bank and began asking questions. In September 2009, she called to tell me our mortgage remodification had been approved and we were able to keep our home! My father had passed way that year, we had an 18-month old infant and we were struggling financially like the rest of the country at that time. She persisted where others had failed us for the better part of a year. I have always remembered her kindness, her smile and her thorough work in the midst of a very difficult time. The residents of Ann Arbor will be in good hands with Jen on their City Council." - Lola Kern, former Ypsilanti resident


“I've known Jen for 10 years. She is ethical, and thoughtful and intelligent. She helped me when she was working for The Ann Arbor News and I was struggling with running my business under a leaky roof in rented office property. I reached out to the News after a small fire started from water hitting power to the furnace unit. My email produced a call and visit from Jen. She asked a lot of questions. Not a week later I was informed by the property manager, who had previously said they would sue me if I withheld rent, that the roof would be fixed thanks to Jen’s intervention. Jen’s words can carry a lot of weight, and she uses them for good. We will all benefit greatly from her input on decision making for our city.” - Mike Stearns, Ann Arbor business owner and resident


“A few years ago, Jen helped our family go public with the story of our young transgender son. We had followed her work at the Ann Arbor News and reached out to her for advice on countering misinformation. Jen provided our family with a helping hand when we needed it most, despite not knowing us personally. She’s a remarkable person, because just like she helped us, she really has her heart in the right place and tries to help whoever she can. She always tries to do the right thing, even when that comes at a cost, and she’s fearless in doing that. My experience with Jen speaks volumes about her character. There can be no doubt as to her qualifications to analyze complex issues and provide valuable insight -- she has been widely recognized by her peers and the public for her talented reporting and writing. There can also be no doubt as to her fearlessness in taking on difficult topics. In fact, she leads the way and is one of the bravest people I know. But just as importantly, perhaps more so, I can attest to her passion for helping others and making our community a better place. That is a rare combination and I believe makes her an ideal candidate for the Ann Arbor City Council.” - Peter Tchoryk,  CEO, Michigan Aerospace Corporation




“Jen, on short notice and with great enthusiasm, offered her time and efforts to fill a vacancy on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. In her four months here, she proved to be thoughtful and deliberate in how she approached the work of Commissioner, concerned for quality and level of services offered across the county and to the residents of her district, and took action to ensure that Washtenaw County continued to be a world class services provider.” - Gregory Dill, Washtenaw County Administrator

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