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Ann Arbor City Council Candidate Jen Eyer reported more than 340 individual donations in Ward 4 race

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

80% of donations are from Ann Arbor residents; remainder are from family, longtime friends and colleagues who believe in Eyer’s leadership

Ann Arbor City Council Candidate Jen Eyer received more than 340 individual contributions from 250 people in her campaign to represent Ward 4, her home of 20 years.

Eighty percent of Eyer's donors are from Ann Arbor residents, including a large number from Ward 4 residents specifically. Eyer had five times as many donors from Ward 4 as the incumbent.

“These donations are from people who are excited about new ideas and a positive vision to lead Ann Arbor forward responsibly, inclusively, ethically and sustainably,” Eyer said. “I’m honored and humbled to have such strong support from Ann Arbor and Ward 4 voters.”

The remainder of Eyer’s contributions are from family, longtime friends, and colleagues she has worked with over the years who believe in her leadership and vision.

Eighty-one percent of donations were $100 or less. Eyer received a total of $42,957 since she launched her campaign a year ago.

Eyer also expressed her deep gratitude for the nearly 100 volunteers who have been making phone calls, writing postcards, and distributing literature to voters over the past few weeks.

“When people give their time and energy to a cause, it is such a gift,” Eyer said. “Our volunteers – who are mostly from the 4th Ward – are invested in the future of Ann Arbor. They are the lifeblood of this campaign, and I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.”

As a news editor, small business owner and community leader, Eyer has worked for two decades in Ann Arbor helping organizations solve tough issues. She resides in the Lansdowne neighborhood with her husband, Mitch Irwin, and her two children.


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