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Ann Arbor City Council Candidate Jen Eyer raises nearly $23,000 toward Ward 4 race

(Ann Arbor, MI) – Ann Arbor City Council Candidate Jen Eyer raised $22,840 through Dec. 31, her campaign announced today.

Eyer filed her annual campaign statement before Jan. 31, as required, with the Washtenaw County Clerk. She is the only candidate in Ward 4 who has raised money from the community.

Of her more than 150 individual contributions, 75 percent are from residents of Ann Arbor, including a large number from Ward 4 residents specifically.

“I am so proud and humbled to have the confidence of so many Ann Arbor residents,” Eyer said. “People are hungry for new leadership that moves Ann Arbor forward responsibly, inclusively, ethically and sustainably.”

Stephanie Comai, former director, Michigan Talent Investment Agency and Ward 4 resident, supports Eyer after working with her on the boards of the Dicken Elementary School PTO and Glacier Way Co-Op Preschool.

“Jen Eyer will be an outstanding member on our City Council,” Comai said. “Jen’s commitment to Ann Arbor has been demonstrated throughout the many years I have known her. She is a great asset to our community, with a focus on serving families and neighborhoods.”

John Austin, former President of Michigan's State Board of Education and Ann Arbor resident, said Eyer’s experiences will make her a valuable leader on Council.

“Jen Eyer combines the best of 'ear-to-the-ground' understanding of her community as neighbor, activist and mom; with experience in public policy making and shaping to deliver results for Ann Arbor residents,” Austin said.

Eyer’s contributions from outside Ann Arbor are from friends, family members and colleagues who believe she would make an excellent council member. Some of the contributors are longtime pillars of the Michigan Democratic Party, including former MDP chairs Rick Wiener and Lon Johnson. Wiener also served as Chief of Staff for Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

“From my years of public service, I know that Jen has that rare combination of integrity and work ethic that makes her a leader you can trust to get things done,” Wiener said.

"As a former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, I’ve worked with Jen Eyer, and she is a strong Democrat and effective leader who shares our progressive values," said Johnson, who is now Founder and CEO of WaterWorks.

As a news editor, small business owner and community volunteer, Jen Eyer has worked for two decades in Ann Arbor helping organizations solve tough issues. Jen resides in the Lansdowne neighborhood with her husband, Mitch Irwin, and her two children, Belle and Wes.

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Geoffrey Stafford Larcom
Geoffrey Stafford Larcom
Feb 25, 2020

"Just win, baby."

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